The dangers of aspartame

Organic NZ Magazine: January/February 2013
Section: Health and food
Author: Kyra Xavia

Aspartame is a highly addictive artificial sweetener and flavour enhancer, used in over 10,000 products worldwide. Produced by genetic engineering, aspartame is incorrectly classified as an additive, when it is in fact an excitotoxic and neurotoxic drug, supposedly developed to treat peptic ulcers.

Misleading claims

Since its creation, aspartame has been known to cause cancer, and only received approval by the American Food and Drug Agency (FDA) through fraudulent means.1,2,3,4,5 Since then, advocates of aspartame have relied upon numerous flawed industry-funded studies (which avoided the detection of ill effects). This has resulted in the misleading claim that aspartame is one of the most studied food additives – and therefore, is the safest food additive ever made. Yet, as more research is done and more people become aware, the harmful effects of aspartame are harder to ignore.

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