Nau mai and welcome to Organic Week!

Organic Week is a week-long celebration to promote awareness of the organic sector and help Kiwis to understand what organic means, why it matters, and where organic products can be purchased. ​The week will include the Organic NZ Awards, regional organic field days, and an engaging webinar & speaker series focusing on the theme Organics is Climate Action!

We are working with organic growers, retailers, producers and consumers to showcase regenerative agriculture, sustainably grown food, and the amazing people who produce it, retailers who sell it, and consumers who buy it.

This year, we have announced a brand new partnership as Organic Week & Organic NZ magazine join forces. Organic NZ magazine has been a voice for the organic sector for upward of 80 years. Together we are a community and movement supporting healthy soil, food, people, and planet.

Nominations open now!

Presented by Organic NZ magazine, the awards night is an exciting time to celebrate the champions in the organic industry. We have eight awards to present to farmers, leaders, brands, and products.

Introducing our 2023 sponsors

Amplify your organic voice and become a sponsor of Organic Week 2023.

5 Reasons to Join the Organic Movement

1. Organics IS climate action! There is an urgent need for climate action in Aotearoa and organic farming and production offers a valid solution.
2. Organic Week is a channel to be a part of this growing movement. The domestic organic sector grew 20% from 2018 – 2020, now valued at $723 million. 81% of Kiwis buy organic products at least fortnightly.
3. Connect with the market. Organic consumers value and look for ethical and environmentally friendly products and businesses. Showcase your organic brand story with this growing and mindful audience. 
4. Use Organic Week as a platform for brand awareness. Take this opportunity to work alongside NZ brands and businesses to champion the sector and build relationships with a common goal. 
5. Celebrate organics in Aotearoa. Be part of a positive campaign, sparking conversations that develop into deeper connections, not only with consumers but with local and national communities.  

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