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From supporting our digital coverage of events to sponsoring awards for the OrganicNZ Awards, our sponsors help us to bring Organic Week to you.

Platinum Sponsor

Woolworths Logo

Woolworths New Zealand proudly takes the spotlight as the Platinum Sponsor of Organic Week Aotearoa, underlining its commitment to promoting sustainable and organic practices within New Zealand. Woolworths is proud to work closely with over 100 growers across Aotearoa and is particularly excited by the potential of its organic growers who provide a variety of fruits and vegetables in its stores.

With its organic range, Woolworths aims to provide customers with the best sustainably produced, soil-friendly, pesticide-free fruit produce and works with growers like Central Organics, OOB, Monavale, Thain Agri, and Southern Cross Produce, to name a few, to bring this to life in its store network. All of Woolworths’ organic produce is fully certified by BioGro or AsureQuality, helping to build customer confidence and trust in its range of products and organics.

Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor Ceres Organics has been a pioneer in organic food since the early 1980s and embodies a profound commitment to healing the Earth and humankind. With a belief that every bite shapes a better tomorrow, they passionately advocate for the transformative power of organic choices. Rooted in a shared vision among a small collective, Ceres Organics recognised organic food as nature’s ultimate remedy for societal challenges. Ceres Organics has championed the organic movement for over four decades, striving to make wholesome, delicious food accessible to all, fostering health, sustainability, and social responsibility worldwide.

Silver Sponsors

TranzAlpine Honey is the #1 certified organic honey producer in New Zealand. They are fifth-generation family beekeepers, producing over 27 organic honey products, health supplements, and honey fusions, including 17 kinds of premium organic honey enjoyed in 28 countries across five continents.

With 113 years of beekeeping and 30 years of organic BioGro™ certification, they are pioneers for an organic future.

IncaFe Organic Coffee, a leading specialist in organic specialty coffee, directly imports beans from Peruvian growers. Their ethical buying practices ensure fair rewards for quality while prioritizing carbon sequestration and environmental preservation. With a commitment to affordability and sustainability, IncaFe supports initiatives like Trees that Count and Trees for Survival and proudly sponsors Organic Week.

BioGro has been NZ’s leading organic certifier since 1983, offering access to global markets and simplifying organic certification through innovation. Proud to certify 900+ producers—from dairy to health and body care—ensuring trust in genuine organic products and promoting consumer benefits.

Kete Ora’s aim is simple – to grow a better Aotearoa. We believe that biodynamic, organic and regenerative practices enhance the quality of the food and fibre that is so fundamental to our needs, and for 25 years, we have used our sector insight to support inspiring programmes helping future-proof land use, communities, environment and climate.

With over 1700 dedicated people deeply connected to their partners across the food and primary production sectors, AsureQuality offers the broadest range of food assurance services in New Zealand. As Kaitiaki Kai, guardians of food, they work with care and passion. They work closely with their partners at every point of their supply chains, sharing the knowledge and insights gained from over 145 years of experience.

Our Land and Water is finding pathways to future farming, driving collaborative science, and uniting experts, producers, and communities for sustainable change. Our research areas include Future Landscapes, Incentives for Change, and Pathways to Transition, aiming for a resilient, equitable future. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s landscapes through science, innovation, and community engagement.

Now based in Ashburton as part of Bio Oils NZ Group, Waihi Bush products join a specialist team of professionals producing high quality flaxseed products enjoyed globally. With over 35 years of cold-pressing experience, they are proud to produce fully traceable, sustainable New Zealand grown flaxseed products certified by BioGro. 

Bronze Sponsors

A New Zealand owned family business, we have over 45 years of experience supplying quality seed and advice to gardeners and growers nationwide. We firmly believe that Growing is for Everyone, and our range of seeds, accessories and seed subscriptions makes growing your own food and garden accessible without leaving home. We are proud to be New Zealand’s largest supplier of certified organic seed with around 10% of our range being produced right here in New Zealand. So come Sow, Nurture and Nourish with Kings Seeds!

Care for your body nature’s way. You shouldn’t have to choose between your well-being and what works. That’s what Everkind’s award-winning certified organic bodycare is here for. Everkind is created from premium, truly natural ingredients. Each product is certified organic by AsureQuality NZ to ensure purity and transparency. 

OrganicFarmNZ (OFNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes organic principles and practices in New Zealand. OFNZ-certified members adhere to BioGro Organic Standards and access a database of certified organic inputs. Emphasizing health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability, OFNZ’s Regional Groups focus on organic education and certification. 

Commonsense Organic is more than just a grocer; it’s a commitment to ethical choices for a better world. Focusing on organically grown food, environmental sustainability, and fair trade practices, Commonsense strives for a kinder, more ethical future. Trust Commonsense for shopping that aligns with your values—it’s just common sense. 

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