The ‘dirty dozen’ – latest update

Organic NZ Magazine: January/February 2014
Section: Health and Food
Author: Alison White
  • Which foods in New Zealand are more likely to have pesticide residues?

  • What’s wrong with pesticide residues in food?

  • How can pesticide residues in food be reduced?

Alison White answered these questions in Organic NZMay/June 2010. Here she revisits them and gives us an update.

Grapes are amongst the foods with the highest pesticide residues

Which foods have the most pesticide residues? Grapes, celery, a range of fruit, pak or bok choi, spring onions, cucumber and bread are all ranked in the top dozen of foods available in New Zealand which are more likely to contain pesticide residues. Close contenders behind this ‘dirty dozen’ are apples, spinach, olive oil, muesli and tomatoes.

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