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GE in NZ: Trials and errors

Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2010
Section: Features
Author: Claire Bleakley

GE in NZ: Trials and errors

Claire Bleakley provides an overview of the main field trials of genetically engineered animals and plants in New Zealand over the past two decades, with a focus on the recent acceleration of GE animal experimentation

What a beautiful country we live in, promoted as clean, green and 100% pure. We have innovation, expertise and wild places. Our country has great potential to become an organic nation providing New Zealanders and the world with safe, healthy GE-free foods.

GE free
(Photo: Jared White)
CAPTION: GE free message in a paddock at Tauroa Station, owned by Heather Smith-Martin. Heather and Jared White planned out the 70 x 15 m letters. Farm manager Nick Radley sowed them in mustard (which flowers yellow), in a field of linseed (which flowers blue). The timing for flowering didn’t quite coincide, but the sign was highly visible from the top of Te Mata Peak, the most well-used recreational area in Hastings/Havelock North area.

The government budget in May ignored the immense contribution that organics is giving the nation, but increased funding to GE sector. Why?

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