Your new look Organic NZ

Organic NZ stands strong as an independent magazine devoted to organics and sustainable living.

Over the past 80 years we’ve led the way on information and advocacy to support the health of our soil, food and people. We think our core message is as relevant now as it was when we started 80 years ago. Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people. Oranga nuku, oranga kai, oranga tangata.

Readers love our magazine and we’re delighted to share this gorgeous new look with you all. We’ve recently increased the size of the magazine, and now also offer online reader access for all subscribers. We’d love to hear your feedback, as always, and you can email us at .

Saying thanks to the team behind Organic NZ

As we celebrate our 80th year with this brand new look we must say a big thank you to our editor, Philippa Jamieson, and also to the wider magazine team.

To Sally Travis, Maria Biggelaar, Peta Hudson and Meghan Read, thank you! And thanks to our many readers, writers, advertisers and other supporters.

Here’s to another 80 years!

Brand new online reader option

A new online readership subscription is now available. This allows you to read our features and other key stories here on the Organic NZ website. Online readership is also available, free of charge, to all print subscribers. Read more about our online readership option here: https://organicnz.org.nz/read-online/

We aim to deliver information and news the way you want it. With increasing numbers of people getting their news online, digital publishing makes sense. But don’t worry – our print magazine remains a central part of our work.

About the look

We’ve taken the best of our magazine and given it a fresh new look with extra room for photos, illustrations and white space. This gives you a more enjoyable reading experience. We’ve paired this redesign with some new fonts from Wellington font foundry Klim. We’re proud to support local New Zealand artists as part of our commitment to buy local.

The 80th Anniversary edition is also perfect-bound rather than stapled, which really comes into its own as we increase the size of the magazine further.

A special thanks to designer Sally Travis for crafting this beautiful new look for us.

Thanks also to GoodSense for their sage advice and support for our redesign. And finally a huge thanks goes to Dominique Schacherer and the team at Streamside Organics for allowing us to tell their story, and for providing our 80th Anniversary cover image.

On behalf of the publisher,
Pete Huggins
General Manager, The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand

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