Safe food storage: healthy options for food packaging and storage

Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2010
Section: Features
Author: Kyra Xavia

Kyra Xavia investigates at the health risks of plastic used for food packaging and storage, and offers suggestions for healthy alternatives

Plastic pervades every area of our life. Unfortunately it also permeates our body where it does not belong. As consumers we assume packaging materials are safe but what’s being uncovered does not look safe at all.

So far bisphenol A (BPA),1 styrene and families of chemicals called pthalates,2 (there isn’t enough room to list them individually), adipates, organohalogens, nonylphenols,3 and heavy metals, have all been identified as having detrimental effects on health. Vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen, is used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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